March 08, 2021


Treasures on the Square

Located at the Vedder Building on Mason’s Historic Square, we offer treasures from various artists, clothing designers and much more! Visit us at…

132 Fort McKavitt Street
Mason, Texas

Kathy Johnson

Kathy Johnson, owner of Treasures on the Square, grew up with antiques in the family home in Washington, D.C. After college she decided to move to an apartment. Her mother asked what furniture she would like for it, and Kathy said “Antiques of course.” So Kathy who was working at the National Geographic Magazine as a research editor and her mother spent a lot of Saturdays antiquing together. That was such a fun mother-daughter outing.

After marriage she and her husband scoured the Virginia/Maryland countryside on weekends to find antiques for their future home.

In the late sixties they moved to Austin and continued hunting all over central Texas to fill up their first home.

Eventually they inherited antiques from their parents and Kathy made room for them in their new home that she and her husband built on Lake Austin around their antiques. Everything fit!

Thus began Kathy’s fifty-some years of buying antiques and collectibles for her home. These pieces have been cared for all these years. None such as her doll collection was ever played with. But many were lovingly used- we all slept in 19th century beds.

Now Kathy is downsizing with plans to move to a smaller place in Austin and spend more time in Mason where her husband bought a ranch last fall. Tom also bought the Vedder building on Mason Square, and so Treasures on the Square was born with some of Kathy’s antiques and collectibles with more to come, Karina Patman’s global fashions and Ellen Wheelock Willis’s original paintings.

Our shop is open Tuesday-Saturday 10-5. Come to Mason and stop in our shop!


Karina Mueller Patman

B. Mori’s origins stem from a lifetime of fascination with fashion, hopefully creating a bit of magic in your closet as well. My tag line, #theworldinyourcloset, at is inspired by my travels to over 50+ countries. The experiences of cultures, foods, traditions and fashion have influences me to move into the next chapter of my life to create a brand of worldly fashion. B. Mori stands for Bombyx Mori, which is Latin for “Silk Worm of the Mulberry Tree”. Given my family has just moved back to Texas after twelve years in Asia, I wanted to bring at least the name and some influence back home. We have a shop @thepopupcoophtx in Houston and are excited to now be in Mason, Texas.

Being part of Treasures on the Square, allows me to partner with my in-laws to create a story of their travels, vision and commitment to the Mason community. We are bringing curated items from all corners of the earth and they are here to present to you to buy and enjoy. As we start the process of introducing our new shop, Treasures on the Square, we hope it will tickle the memories of those that have traveled to lands far and wide, as well as bring out the curiosity of those that want to see the world in our store, one special piece at a time. As we are in the midst of creating our social media on Facebook, Instagram and our own website, we look forward to you following us as our story unfolds!

Ellen Wheelock Willis, OPA, AIS

“to know, love and practice that which is true, good and beautiful”
Ellen grew up in a ranching family in Corsicana, Texas. She graduated from Southern Methodist University. After raising her three children and being one of the founders of a classical and Christian school in Austin, Texas, she has devoted herself to creating art that reflects the glory of God.
At an early age, she developed a love for the created order and its beauty. Later, her study of art history gave her a deep appreciation for the artists that had gone before her and the realization that artists today stand on their shoulders. While having to think through the mission statement for the school, there was an epiphany; “To know, love and practice that which is true, good and beautiful.” This became not only the mission of the school, but the philosophy of her art.
Because the created order contains such variety, Ellen paints many different types of subjects. She has studied under many of the finest artist in the country. Ellen recently completed a two-year mentoring study with John Cosby, one of the premier landscape painters in the country and an outstanding teacher. Her orchestration of light, shadow, color, edges and brushwork gives her compositions a stunning yet peaceful quality.
Ellen’s art has been featured in gallery and museum shows in Texas and California.
Austin Plein Air
Oil Painters of America (OPA)
American Impressionist Society (AIS)
California Art Club

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