May 16, 2021


The Commercial Bank

The Commercial Bank is locally owned and independent from all other banks. Our goal is to keep our depositors’ funds safe, offer convenient services, and be the most competitive local resource for loans. We invest our customers’ deposits in loans to people who have a stake in our community.

The bank seeks to finance real estate, agricultural and commercial operations, and consumer purchase loans. Our lending staff is equipped to make very timely decisions.

Our customers and staff are our most valuable asset. Therefore, relationships are crucial to us. We want our customers to have “the bank of a lifetime,” and we want customers for life.

Small town banking is alive and well at The Commercial Bank. Our staff is always available to serve our customers. We strive to make banking easy for you while giving you fast courteous service.

President/CEO of the Commercial Bank, Michael Cope, was awarded the 2016 Business Man of the Year!

Business Information:
Michael Cope
Mon-Fri 9:00-3:00 Sat 9:00-12:00
100 Moody
Mason TX 76856
Or Call 325-347-6324