April 03, 2020


Parr Vineyards


Our philosophy is simple: the place matters. A unique terroir and an ideal microclimate support a classic standard of viticulture and winemaking. Parr Vineyards is nestled in hilly terrain with its own micro-climate, experiencing warm days, but cool nights even in the July and August heat. These conditions allow for more balanced flavors and exceptional fruit.

You can taste the difference.


It all started with an exquisite glass of wine with dinner 50 years ago in rural England.

Our lives have been blessed with the opportunity to learn the taste of good wine over years of being stationed in Europe with the Air Force. One particular place comes to mind: The Boot House in England. The owner had a passion for pairing gourmet food and the best wines. He had this way with words when he was explaining the plates on the menu: how each piece of meat was cooked, how each side was prepared. It really caused you to experience the dinner as if it was the first time you’ve eaten in your life. You truly tasted each bite of food, each sip of wine. These dinners always reminded us to cherish life.

Wine has been around for centuries, used in celebrations, in remembrances, even in sacred ceremonies. A good glass of wine elevates every experience, bringing us into the present moment. That is why it has become our passion.

Years ago we began to explore winemaking at home, striving to create the rosé that we cherished from a visit to Spain. Now we are living our dream of creating noble wines from the land we are blessed with from the Vine to the Barrel.

Business Information:
Robert and Dilek Parr
Mason, TX 76856
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