September 18, 2021


Art General Store

Art General Store, Feed House, and 1900 Winery

Art is located deep in the heart of the Texas Hill Country 7.5 miles east of Mason and 27 miles west of Llano on E. Hwy 29 on the famed wildflower loop of Mason County. Don’t blink…this tiny Texas town once found, will be easy to miss & impossible to forget. This scenic town is steeped in a goodly heritage and history. This community was settled in 1856 by German settlers who relocated from Fredericksburg to Upper Willow Creek.

These settlers began to build the solid foundations and framework of their new community. In 1858 a log building was erected east of Willow Creek serving as both a church and school house. In 1875 the building was replaced with a stone structure. The new structure was used for the same purposes until when in 1945 the one room school house was consolidated with the Mason schools.

In 1893 the Methodist Churches erected two buildings one stone and one wooden. The two were later consolidated and continues services today.

In 1883 a general merchandise store was opened by J.A. Hoerster. In 1885 the property was sold to Otto Plehwe who added a post office and renamed the community Plehweville. In 1897 the property was purchased by my great great grandfather Ernest Dannheim who remained the postmaster and only merchant in Plehweville selling to Eli Dechert in 1918. It was during this time the community name was changed from Plehweville to Art. The decision to change the community name was made because the town was often misspelled and confused with the town of Pfluegerville and the mail often never reached its owners.

In 1921 Dan Hoerster purchased the property selling to Caleb Hoerster in 1928 and then to O.A. Toeppich in 1938 remaining in the Toeppich family after his passing. I leased the property from the family operating as a General Store and Feed House from 1991 to 1996. The Post Office located once inside the General Store has since changed locations and is located next door.

In 2019, I acquired this property which is steeped in family heritage and history, of which its former stewards utilized this land to serve the community for over 137 years. Continuing the settler’s legacy of stewardship of this land as means to our mission, pouring it forward to serve our community, friends, and guests with our vision of…

…Making the heart of Art great again!

The General Store of old has been transformed into a tasting room and Home of 1900 Winery. The General Store offers premium wine tastings featuring our 100% Texas grown grapes as well as other select 100% Texas grown Hill Country wines. We offer a small bites faire to pair with our menu of wines. Coffee and tea are always available options. We display handcrafted jewelry, gorgeous art, novelty pieces from local artisans and local specialty food products and merchandise are available to purchase whether looking for souvenirs, a hostess gift, shopping for yourself or that special someone you’re sure to find a treasure and then… there’s always wine!

Our covered outdoor patio also has plenty of room to bring friends and family. Relax outside and let the day slip away enjoying our wine. Gather around our fire pit and watch the beautiful sunsets and count your lucky stars as they shoot across the big Texas night sky.
Live from the Art General Store!
Stay tuned to our media page and calendars for our schedule of educational events and presentations.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday: closed B&B Guests only 5-6
Wednesday: B&B Guest & by reservation only from 5-7
Thursday: 11-7
Friday: 11-7
Saturday: 11-7

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The Feed House was built in the 1930’s as O.A. Toeppich provided supply’s for the local farmers and ranchers and their livestock.

In addition to our General Store, the Feed House is an extension of 1900 Winery. It is the perfect place to kick back with friends or kick up your heels and catch some of our live music performances as you enjoy great wines and good times adventuring your way through a world of wine and great conversation.

Our quaint venue is ideal for those planning that perfect weekend getaway, local music performances, business functions, family get-togethers, local art, and memorable wedding ceremonies.

We will soon be offering in our Feed House, farm to fork dinner experiences with vine to wine pairings that turn our guests into wine aficionados while exploring the most delectable farm & ranch to table cuisine.

Come enjoy some of our wines and send us a message about booking your special event. We’d love to have your company.

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1900 Vineyards
I have been the steward of the family heritage ranch, established in 1879, located on Ranch Road 1900 here in Art, Texas, as a cattle rancher for over 30 years. Now my plans are to preserve this heritage for our future generations by raising a new crop on the land my grandfather once grew his crops, establishing 1900 Vineyards.

Over the years the ranch has been home to raising cattle, sheep goats, hogs, chickens, turkeys, deer, horses and mules. Among the animals various crops were raised to provide for the family and livestock. Mustang grapes grow wild along the ranches Battle Spring and for years the family would harvest to make jams, jelly and juices.

In 2019 a new crop was introduced to the land when we planted a small test vineyard of wine grapes. The Mason County Hill Country soils are perfect for the grape crops and our sandy loam is part of the Hickory Sands Aquifer in the Texas Hill Country AVA.

Varietals blocks for 2020 planting:
Aglianico: a black grape, Origin Greece, producing a red wine.
Tempranillo: a black grape, Origin Spain, producing a red wine.
Tannat: a black grape, Origin of South West France producing a red wine.
Malvasia Bianca: a white grape, Origin Greece producing a white wine.

Varietals for blocks for 2021 planting:
Mourvedre: a black grape, Origin Spain producing a red wine.
Tempranillo: a black grape, Origin Spain, producing a red wine.
Tannat: a black grape, Origin South West France producing a red wine.
Dolcetto: a black grape, Origin Italy producing a red wine Malvasia Bianca: a white grape, Origin Greece producing a white wine.


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Art, Texas


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