January 16, 2021


MHS Graduation Parade

Mason High School Class of 2020 Socially Distant Graduation Parade; May 21, 2020
Please understand that your health and safety is our number one priority. For this reason, all school personnel will be wearing masks and gloves. Consistent with the actions taken by many institutions across the state, we encourage all participants to wear cloth face coverings (over the nose and mouth) if you will come within six feet of another person who is not a member of that person’s household. However, the following guidelines will be taken to mitigate that possibility.

Mr. Halamicek and Mrs. Gray will supervise the parade start. Students will arrive at the high school parking lot by 6:30 and park in their designated space. (The parking spot assignment list is below.) Each graduate must ride in a car, pick-up or SUV with his or her parents or guardians. (Please feel free to go all out with decorations!) No trailers or other types of vehicles will be allowed. Students will not be allowed to drive themselves. Per TEA rules, five or fewer people may ride in the vehicle with the graduate, and those people must be members of the student’s household. (The parade route is below.)

Each graduate must fill out the TEA screening form prior to participating in the parade. The screening form will be emailed to the members of the senior class on the morning of the graduation parade and must be submitted by 12:00 noon. Students who do not submit the form will not be allowed to participate.

Seniors must be dressed in cap and gown. Boys should wear a light colored button down shirt (looks best with purple gown) and a tie. Girls should wear church attire under the gown. The gown must be zipped up and the mortar board must be worn during the entirety of the parade. All dress code rules remain in effect for this event.

Members of the National Honor Society will receive a collar to wear during the parade from Mrs. Gray or Mr. Halamicek. Mr. McFarland will give the driver of each vehicle a name sign to place on the dashboard. Students who are graduating Cum Laude and Magna Cum Laude will receive cords from Mrs. Gray to wear during the parade. The cords and collars must be returned to high school on Friday morning by noon.

The fire truck will arrive by 6:45 to lead the parade. Puncher Pete will ride on the fire truck. The parade will leave the parking lot, turn right on College and left on Moody, pass the Heritage Park and onto the square. The parade will turn right at the Bancorp South and proceed around the square. All parade attendees who come to watch the parade on the square are asked to stay in their vehicles through the entirety of the event.

Each vehicle will stop when they reach the table, (which will be in front of the new Bistro) and Mr. Whittle will hand out the diploma and certificate to the student with Mrs. Carter assisting. (Mr. Whittle and Mrs. Carter will wear masks and gloves per TEA rules.) Everyone must remain in the vehicle. Only the yearbook photographer and newspaper photographer and the two videographers will take pictures in this location. All pictures and a video of the event will be made available to the seniors and their parents/guardians.

The vehicles will turn left in front of the Commercial Bank and park along this stretch.
Peter Aguilar will be first and will park in the first spot along the rock wall that surrounds the courthouse on the west side directly across from the City of Mason office. Each student will fall in line behind him leaving one space between vehicles. After the west side rock wall is full, the middle section in between the Odeon and the courthouse will fill up, and then the parking spaces along the store fronts of City of Mason, Odeon, Kellers, Market Square, and Commercial Bank. Law enforcement will assist with parking.

After the school song is played on the radio, the graduates will toss their hats in the air. This will signal the conclusion of the parade and all participants and spectators should leave the premises. The graduate may retrieve the cap, but everyone else should stay in the vehicle. Graduates are not allowed to gather together and take pictures and should return immediately to the vehicle. Graduates and their families are strongly encouraged to refrain from hosting or attending any type of gathering outside of this event. These guidelines are in place because we love our community and we want to do everything we can to protect each other!

This is a festive parade, however, students and their families should conduct themselves in the same dignified manner that Mason Punchers and Cowgirls are known for. We know that you will show respect for your family, your school and especially your community by behaving with pride and class.

Tune your radios to 102.5 KHLB and enjoy the show!

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