Terri Hendrix & Lloyd Maines @ The Odeon Theater

June 17, 2017 @ 7:00 pm
Odeon Theater
Terri Hendrix & Lloyd Maines @ The Odeon Theater @ Odeon Theater

Ask anybody that was there.  They’ll tell you “don’t miss’em again.”


Award winning singer-songwriter Terri Hendrix will return to the Odeon theater in Mason with Lloyd Maines Saturday June 17. Showtime is 7:00 pm and admission is $20 per person.  Tickets are on sale at www.theodeontheater.com or call 325-347-6781 for reservations and information.

To hear Terri Hendrix is to know why Acoustic Guitar Magazine says she is one of Texas’ 20 “essential” singer-songwriters.  Terri opens her heart and soul and the words pour out with a rootsy grace.  Terri, along with Lloyd Maines, combines her classical vocal training with her skillful multi-instrumental talents, blending folk, pop, country, blues, and jazz into her own style.  Maines, widely renowned for his work with such artists as Joe Ely, Terry Allen, and the Dixie Chicks, has toured with Hendrix almost exclusively now for going on two decades and speaks volumes about how highly he regards both her songwriting and musicianship.

When Terri performed at the Odeon last year she was celebrating the 20th anniversary of her recording career by releasing her 15th album—“  ‘ Love You Strong Project 5.1”.  Embraced by her fans and praised by the Austin Chronicle for its “refreshing and empowering honesty,” it was the first installment in her most ambitious creative endeavor yet: Project 5–a comprehensive collection of lyrics, music, and hard-earned, firsthand life lessons addressing the topics of love, loyalty, friendship, faith, and resilience over the span of four new albums and a book. Each element is a distinct project unto itself, but they’re meant to fit together like pieces in a puzzle to reveal one big picture. A month later she released the second album in the series, “The Slaughterhouse Sessions.”  Lone Star Music Magazine call the unabashedly politically charged and blues harp-driven collection “far and away the most musically and lyrically assertive album Hendrix has ever made.” The next two albums are due for release later this year.

Terri will wrap things up this year with “The Girl With the Exploding Brain Project 5.5.” It’s a full-length autobiography chronicling her journey living with a seizure disorder while simultaneously crisscrossing the globe as a performing singer-songwriter. It’s a brutally honest book about the way she has dealt with the realities of being a performer with epilepsy. Part of the intention is to educate those who know nothing about the condition, but it’s also to let other people who have it themselves be able to read about her journey and perhaps avoid some of the pitfalls she has experienced — or to find positive affirmation about their own choices. 

Purchase tickets now for Terri Hendrix-a triple threat- excelling as a songwriter, performer, and recording artist at the Odeon.

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